How to Pick the Best Jamaican Restaurant?

Jamaica is one of the tiny islands in the Caribbean that is known for many different things. Many of you may think about the beautiful Jamaican beaches and the pleasure of swimming in the turquoise water while others are reminded of the rich culture the country possesses. Because of all the beauty the country has to offer, the lands are always flooded with tourists and travellers.

Jamaica is also known for various genres of music, and for being home to the international music star, Bob Marley. But apart from that, the island is known for its mouth-watering dishes.

The Jamaican culture also brings along many tasty dishes that everybody needs to try out. Some of the popular dishes that you will in a Jamaican restaurant in Maryland are mentioned below –

• Stews – One common way of cooking meat would be stewing. The meat is marinated with many fresh seasonings such as sweet peppers, hot peppers, scallions, and onions to make them quite tender. Some of the meat served in this style includes fish, beef, oxtails, pork, and chicken.

• Jerk Chicken and Pork – The Jamaican culture features jerk-style cooking, which goes back to the 1600s when people used to cook wild boars after hunting them in the hills. Jerk pork and jerk chicken are quite common, so much so that you can find them in any reputed Jamaican restaurants near me. It is one of the dishes people prefer having in parties or clubs. It is one of the dishes that are famous for being available on a budget. They are often served with bread and a sweet johnnycake, which seems like a dumpling.

• Soups – Red Peas Soup is another popular dish that is available in the Jamaican kitchen. The soup is quite heart and rich as it contains salted beef, pumpkin soup base, coconut milk, and kidney beans. In most of the home-style restaurants, you are going to find Pumpkin Soup and Red Peas Soup in the starters.

• Curry Goat – If you are looking for a dish that you are going to absolutely love, it is going to be the curry goat. It is slightly different from the way traditional Indians make it, mainly because it is way spicier. The juicy and tender dish is usually served with white rice at house gatherings.

If your mouth is already watering after reading this, it is time you visit the best Jamaican restaurant near you. But before you do so, make sure you visit the best one. In order to help you avoid making a mistake, we are going to help you in spotting the best restaurants for Jamaican food.

Firstly, you need to do a thorough research online to pick out the restaurants that serve Jamaican food. When you find a few, you need to go through the reviews. They are going to talk about the ambience, quality of food, and hygiene. Lastly, if all the criteria are met adequately, you can go through the price to see if it fits your budget. If everything is a check, fix a date when you can relish on these flabbergasting dishes to your heart’s content.


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