Must try Jamaican dishes in Caribbean Restaurant near me in Maryland

Jamaican food is one of the most loved cuisines across the globe. People who love to eat spicy food would definitely love the taste of Jamaican delicacies as they are full of flavors and spices authentic to Jamaica. You will find any restaurant near me that serves the best Jamaican food items.

The Jamaican food is not like any other spicy delicacies as the food has unique spices, which make the Jamaican cuisine stand apart from others.

The Jamaican food is very delicious and one of its kind because it has drawn influence from colonizers from Africa, Spain, France, England, and Germany. Also, another specialty of Jamaican food is that it has home-style recipes passed down by generations, which make every delicacy taste better than the best. There is nothing fancy about the recipes, yet the taste is incredible.

Who doesn’t know the jerk offering from Jamaica? It is one of the best methods of meat preparation. Let’s have a look at some of the best Jamaican dishes that you must try:

Jerk chicken

When talking about Jamaican food, the first thing that we need to talk about is jerk chicken. It is one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica that you can easily find in any Caribbean restaurant near me in Maryland. The jerk chicken is tender and succulent meat that is first marinated in choicest of spices and then grilled on a slow flame for hours. When you grab a bite of the chicken, the flavors simply explode in your mouth.

Rice and peas

Peas here don’t mean the green peas. Kidney beans are known as peas as far as Jamaican delicacy is concerned. They are made of white rice, coconut milk, garlic, and thyme. For adding some more flavors, the Jamaicans may also add some small pieces of green ginger.

Ackee and Salt Fish

Ackee is fruit, but it is not sweet. Ackee is a fruit the way avocado is considered a fruit. The Ackees are first cleaned and the salt fish is soaked for removing the excess of salt. Both of them are then cooked along with onions, garlic, tomatoes, hot peppers, and cooking oil.


You can find several options for soups in Maryland in the Jamaican cuisine. It is traditionally a Saturday meal in most of the Jamaican homes. The soups are basically one-pot meals that begin with peas and meat being cooked partially with garlic and pimento grains followed by adding pumpkin, cocoa, yam, potatoes, and carrots into it.


If you are a patty lover, the Jamaican version of patties will tempt you too. There is an option for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The patties are stuffed with meat as well as veggies so that you can have them as per your preferences. The outer layer of the Jamaican patty is flaky.

You can also try the goat curry and some other side dishes in a Jamaican restaurant in Maryland. Explore the local restaurants for the best flavors.


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