What Is Best Of Jamaican Cuisine?

Jamaica is a tiny island in the Caribbean famous for many things ranging from Bob Marley and Reggae music to its amazing beaches and cuisine.

The spices, flavors, and cooking techniques of Jamaican cuisine make it the most popular of Caribbean fares and famous all over the world. The colonial background of the island has developed a melting pot of dishes, impacted by regions around the world.

The following are some of the top dishes to try while in Jamaica or even in a Jamaican restaurant in Maryland:

Ackee and Salt Fish

The fruit called ackee was imported to the island by African slaves from Ghana. Saltfish (cod) and ackee is the national dish of Jamaica, served on weekends or holidays. Ackee resembles scrambled eggs and is served with salted fish, fried breadfruit, and dumplings. But raw ackee can be poisonous.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk style cooking is a star among Jamaican dishes. It can be found in local food carts to fancy restaurants. Typically, the meat is marinated or rubbed with a hot spice mixture termed as Jamaican spice. Jamaican maroons invented this hot pot of pimento leaves, spices, and herbs, and it has become the most popular dish of Jamaica. The meat is delicious by itself but can also be accompanied by the festival (dumplings) and bread.

Stews and Soups

It is yet another way of cooking on the island. After marinating the meat with many fresh seasonings such as thyme, hot peppers, scallions, and onions, the food item will be stewed down, rendering the meat highly tender. Some of the common stewed items include fish, beef, oxtails, pork, and chicken. The vegetarian peas stew is also popular and can be made with coconut milk and kidney beans.

Fried Breadfruit

It is the popular starchy additions to Jamaican breakfasts. As per historians, breadfruit was brought to Jamaica from Tahiti in the 16th century.

Rum Punch

It is much loved among rum enthusiasts as well as Jamaicans. It is an alcoholic drink made of Jamaican strawberry syrup. It is ever-present in any Jamaican party or celebration.

Curry Goat

Another favorite of the island, it is spicier than the Indian version. Goat meat tastes like beef but is more game-like. It is a juicy and tender dish served with white rice.

Beef Patty

It is another not to miss staple of the island. Beef is seasoned with garlic, onion as well as Bonnet pepper. This beef is then wrapped inside the buttery dough, shaped like a half-moon, and baked. The original version of the patty is that made of beef, but nowadays, many other fillings are used.

Escovitch Fish

In Spanish tradition, Escovitch implies cooking meat, along with a sauce made of acidic vinegar. It has been indigenized in Jamaica. Today, the sauce is made of pimento, carrots, peppers, onion, and vinegar. It contributes an amazing flavor when poured on top of fresh fish, like the latest catch of the day.


It is the local cousin of spinach and is a regular at Jamaican breakfasts. Sautéed and steamed lightly, it may be cooked with salted fish.

These are some of the top dishes from Jamaica. Get introduced to Jamaican cuisine like Jerk chicken when you are searching online for chicken Frederick, MD. You are sure to be bowled over.

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