Why Jamaican food is a popular cuisine among people?

All the food enthusiasts love to gorge on various cuisines to treat their taste buds. If you are also a food lover, then you can’t let go without trying Jamaican food! The Jamaican cuisine is not just delicious but also healthy owing to the spices and herbs used in it. Also, the cooking techniques used are robust. Even people who are following a specific diet can gorge on Jamaican food.

If you are looking for a Jamaican restaurant in Maryland, Jerk N Jive is the one-stop-shop for trying your hands on good old Jamaican food. They serve authentic flavors that melt in your mouth. Jamaican cuisine consists of a great mixture of flavors and spices.

Not many people would believe, but Jamaican food is healthy for you. Jamaican cuisine has many nutritional benefits, and several types of research have backed the claim. Whether it is jerk chicken, curry vegetables, or rice and peas, they are all free of unnecessary calories and fats. The food allows you to stick to your resolution of eating healthy.

The Jamaican meal is all about lean meat, beans, and vegetables. The jerk style of cooking smokes and grills the marinated chicken is healthy and low-calorie food with the right blend of flavors. Apart from the non-vegetarian options, vegetarian dishes are equally delicious. These dishes are packed with fiber and protein and low in calories.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Jamaican dishes that should be tried at least once in life:

Jerk chicken

The jerk chicken is one of the most popular and traditional foods from Jamaica. It is one of the must-try dishes for food enthusiasts. The recipe has derived its name from the jerk spices, which are a combination of cloves, thyme, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and nutmeg. If you wish to try authentic Jamaican delicacies, the local Jamaican restaurants in Maryland are the best places. For one of the best chicken near me, try Jerk N Jive.

Curry Goat

Another famous cuisine from Jamaica is curry goat. You can enjoy curry goat, mutton, and chicken in many local restaurants. The curry meat tastes equally delicious as grilled meat.

Ackee and Saltfish

The ackee and saltfish are considered as the national food of Jamaica. If you have already tried the jerk chicken, the ackee and saltfish should be given a try. The ackee is a type of Jamaican fruit which came to Jamaica from Ghana. The ackee and saltfish are cooked in a pot along with onions, tomatoes, and spices. You can have them for lunch, dinner, and breakfast

It is quite similar to spinach, as it is a leafy and dark green plant that is commonly eaten during breakfast in Jamaica. It is also preferred as a side dish by many people.

Escovitch fish

It is a dish consisting of fish along with fried vegetables.
Apart from the dishes mentioned above, the patties are also a must- try. Just step into a local restaurant and you will find all the original flavors of Jamaican cuisine.


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