Why must you try the famous Jerk Chicken in Maryland?

Jamaican cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines across the globe. It is popular owing to its unique flavors and variety of dishes. The most famous Jamaican dish is jerk chicken. What makes Jamaican food popular is the spiciness of its lip-smacking recipes. The food is prepared using specially curated herbs and spices, which is the secret ingredient of their finger-licking food.

Talking about the most famous jerk chicken in Maryland, we can’t forget to mention about its heavenly taste. It has derived its name from the ‘jerk’ style of cooking. It is the type of cooking where chicken is first marinated overnight in selected spices and herbs and then grilled on a slow flame. The slow flame may take hours for chicken to get ready, but it infuses amazing taste to the meat and also retains the health quotient.

Jamaican food is cooked in a healthy way, and hence, it is one of the healthiest food options. Apart from the jerk chicken, Jamaican food has several other delicious items. If you happen to visit Maryland, do explore the menu at Jerk N Jive. They offer some of the most scrumptious dishes that you might not have heard of before.You can grab the following Jamaican dishes at Maryland:

Ackee and Saltfish

This is the national dish of Jamaica and is mostly served as a breakfast item. However, you can have it at any time of the day. Ackee is actually a fruit that grows in pods on trees. Saltfish adds flavor to ackee.

Jamaican rice and peas

The rice and peas have a unique flavor and a staple for local people on weekends. It is generally taken as a side dish along with stewed meals. You can also have it with ackee and saltfish. For preparing the dish, kidney beans are cooked with rice in coconut milk, salt, butter, sugar, and thyme.

Curry goat

Curry goat is yet another favorite of people in Maryland. It is a little different from the traditional variety, and it is also spicier. It is a juicy and tender dish which is served with white rice and is also a favorite at house gatherings. It is also a favorite meal during Christmas.


The Jamaican patties are something that you must try. They are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The meat has a crispy exterior made from buttery dough. Both chicken and veggies patties are popular among people.


It is a variety of fish that is cooked in an acidic vinegar-based sauce. The dish is served in most of the restaurants that serve authentic Jamaican dishes in Maryland.

If you want to taste authentic Jamaican food, it is recommended that you must visit the street side and local restaurants than other options. These restaurants are well-known for offering a variety of delectable food.

Next time if you look for chicken near me, visit Jerk N Jive restaurant for a fresh and lip-smacking meal.

Address: 911 N East St B, Frederick, MD 21701, United States


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